10:30 – 10:30

Laura Buckwell Broadcast Journalist Formerly Euronews & TV news

10:30 – 10:35

H.E. Amer Sharaf CEO of Cyber Security Systems and Services Sector Dubai Electronic Security Center (DESC) UAE

10:35 – 10:50
GOVERNMENT STAGE HOSTED BY DESC   Spotlight Session GISEC MAINSTAGE ASAAS, a technological solution developed by Emirati talent 

Suhail Khaled ISR Auditor DESC

10:50 – 11:40
GOVERNMENT STAGE HOSTED BY DESC   LEADERS PANEL GISEC MAINSTAGE Securing Smart cities: proactive measures & citizen-collaboration

How are smart cities being provided cyber protection while integrating emerging technologies like IoT, AI, and VR? The importance of citizen collaboration, partnerships and governance, ensuring resilience, risk management, and Critical Information Infrastructure (CII) protection for public and private sectors. Hear from cross industry Infosec leaders as they divulge latest best practices.

Chris Gibson CEO FIRST UK


Ahmad Khoory Head of Security Crisis Response Dubai Electronic Security Center (DESC)

Abdullah Marghalany Cybersecurity Chief Officer Ministry of Health General Directorate of Health Affairs in Medina Saudi Arabia

Vinayak Godse CEO Data Security Council of India India

Lori Baker Director of Data Protection DIFC Authority UAE

Eman Al Awadhi Vice President Network & Cyber Security, Expo City Technology UAE

Mohammed Moteb Alosaimi Chief Security Officer Huawei Saudi Arabia

11:40 – 11:55
GOVERNMENT STAGE HOSTED BY DESC   If it's connected, you're protected GISEC MAINSTAGE Lothar Renner will share the findings from latest Global Cybersecurity Readiness Index focusing on the UAE. Despite the increase in security point solutions to protect against a changing threat landscape, we still see ransomware attacks, disruption in supply chain, and reputation damage daily. Users face access restrictions that hinder work, and the complexity is impossible for IT and security teams to manage. In this session, we’ll cover the latest Security innovations and you'll hear about the strategy to make security better for users, easier for IT, and safer for everyone

Lothar Renner Managing Director - Cisco Security EMEA, Cisco Germany

11:55 – 12:10
GOVERNMENT STAGE HOSTED BY DESC   TRUE STORY GISEC MAINSTAGE Cyber Crisis Management: Lessons Learnt from Bouygues Construction Ransomware attack

Investigating, relaunching and improving systems, acquiring new cyber-tools: a cyber-crisis requires technical skills and offers opportunities for change. But what happens to the men and women who live through it, from the inside as well as the outside: how do we organize them, how do we help them, how do we communicate?

Thomas Degardin Group Cybersecurity Director Bouygues Group France

12:10 – 12:25
GOVERNMENT STAGE HOSTED BY DESC   Fireside Chat GISEC MAINSTAGE How One of the Top 50 banks in the Middle East Implemented Exposure Management- A Success Story

With skyrocketing threats and an ever expanding attack surface, current security measures are struggling to keep pace. Instead, organizations are turning to Continuous Threat Exposure Management initiatives to reduce risk. These programs view your IT environment like a hacker to identify and prioritize areas of weakness based on business scope, and then validate to prove which security gaps are most impactful. Join Hariprasad Chede, Head - Information Security Risk Management, at NBF as he shares his journey to manage exposure and reduce risk with Automated Security Validation. He will reveal the challenges he faced and how he overcame them to increase his organization’s overall security resilience.

Jason Mar-Tang AVP Field CISO Pentera USA


Hariprasad Chede Head - Information Security Risk Management National Bank of Fujairah UAE

12:25 – 12:40
GOVERNMENT STAGE HOSTED BY DESC   TRUE STORY GISEC MAINSTAGE “Celebgate” that led to the closure of the 168-year-old News of the World tabloid and a trial costing £100m

How attackers hacked celebrity phones and why is it significant today? Celebrity phone hacking is a topic that has raised and keeps raising its’ head. In 2011 the UK suffered the first widespread attack. It resulted in the closure of a 168-year-old newspaper in the UK! The phone hacking scandal, which involved the illegal interception of voicemail messages of politicians, celebrities, members of the Royal Family, and the public. Phil Cracknell was involved in the 2014 UK investigations. He will tell you the whole story and show you how the celebrities were compromised. Information that global phone manufacturers tried to cover up or flatly denied. The outcome of the hacking changed security protocols and authentication methods to what they are today.

Phil Cracknell CISO for a UK Defence company & Former Cabinet Office Cyber Security Subject Matter Expert. UK Defence company United Kingdom

12:40 – 12:55
GOVERNMENT STAGE HOSTED BY DESC   Swift Recovery GISEC MAINSTAGE Redefining Cyber Resilience Against Ransomware and Outages!

As cyber threats like ransomware and cloud outages escalate, organizations are shifting from traditional backup to holistic cloud resilience, focusing on rapid system rebuilding. This session will cover real-world examples, including a major company recovering 1480 resources across 18 Azure subscriptions, a Fortune 200 company rebuilding over 3000 resources in minutes, and a global event firm managing workloads across continents. Emphasizing the strategic need for resilience, this approach is vital for protecting against sophisticated attacks and ensuring success in the digital age.

Govind Rangasamy Founder and CEO Appranix US

12:55 – 13:10
GOVERNMENT STAGE HOSTED BY DESC   Face to Face with 1# Million Dollar Hacker; Who wants to be a hacking millionaire? Learn from Santiago Lopez, Millionaire Hacker GISEC MAINSTAGE

Laura Buckwell Broadcast Journalist Formerly Euronews & TV news


Santiago Lopez Millionaire Hacker Argentina

13:10 – 13:25
GOVERNMENT STAGE HOSTED BY DESC   True story of 2 major attacks - How we saved the world, tales from a cyber warrior GISEC MAINSTAGE The world used to be simple to secure: our employees used to connect to our data centers on our devices over our networks, this however is a thing of the past and reality is in our hyper connected world everyone attacks everyone everywhere. This presentation delves into the vital theme of 'How we helped stop attackers in their tracks”'. The core of the presentation will talk through one major incident where a customer with over 100,000 employees approached us under the threat of attack from a nation state and we expertly countered a sophisticated cyber-attack targeting our client's digital assets. Additionally we will talk about how we ourselves became involved in the Twillio “Smishing attack”. Join us in this enlightening session to uncover the strategies and insights crucial for advancing your digital transformation securely.

Dave Barnett Head of SASE and Zero Trust EMEA Cloudflare UK

13:25 – 14:40
GOVERNMENT STAGE HOSTED BY DESC   FUTURE TALKS GISEC MAINSTAGE Unmasking the Invisible: Exposing Lurking Threats with Behavioral Analytics

Today, our intrusion detection and response capabilities are signature-based. These signatures look for known TTP's and are very good at mitigating threats with known attack signatures. However, advanced attackers use Zero-Day vulnerabilities with no known signatures, and they are coming after your identity. Additionally, the use of MFA-Fatigue attacks and API-Key compromises are becoming common to gain access to your secure enclaves. Once inside, they are able to ""live off the land"", using tools provisioned for your admins without triggering any alarm bells. Behavior-based detection uses enhanced AI/ML capabilities to baseline user behavior. They normalize user behavior over a period of time and alert based on deviations in behavior. Augmenting your Signature-based detection with Behavior-based detection can help reduce attacker dwell time in your networks.

Alex Attumalil Global Chief Information Security Officer Under Armour United States of America

13:40 – 13:55
GOVERNMENT STAGE HOSTED BY DESC   FUTURE TALKS GISEC MAINSTAGE The Flawed Path: Debunking the Efficacy of Current Cybersecurity Training Approaches and How We Can Improve Our Future

This session proposes a radical shift in cybersecurity education and workforce development. It challenges current norms, advocating for early integration of cybersecurity in education and a reimagining of entry-level training. The talk hints at a global approach, emphasizing the need for international collaboration and a comprehensive strategy encompassing both academia and industry. While exploring the potential of on-the-job training, it leaves room for debate on how corporations can play a pivotal role in shaping future cyber defenders. This presentation promises to unveil innovative pathways for nurturing a resilient cybersecurity workforce."

Caitlin Sarian Cybersecurity Influencer Cybersecurity Girl LLC United States of America

13:55 – 14:10
GOVERNMENT STAGE HOSTED BY DESC   TRUE STORY GISEC MAINSTAGE Defending Philippine Government Networks from Cyber Attacks in the Age of AI, Big Data and Quantum Computing

Ashley Acedillo Deputy Director General for Cyber and Emerging Threats National Intelligence Coordinating Agency Philippines

14:10 – 14:10