Aquila I Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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Aquila I is a most preferred Threat Management Solution, that enables security teams to gain actionable threat intelligence across critical areas impacting Cyber Security Posture of their organization. An agile and robust Threat identification and analytical engine of Aquila I helps you deliver detailed visibility of vulnerabilities and security gaps across people, infrastructure, brand, and communication. With a single platform to Assess, Prioritize, Monitor & Prevent modern-day threats, businesses can now have much better insight and control of the rapidly evolving Cyber Security challenges.

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Breach and Attack Simulation

Aquila I Breach and Attack simulation provides non-stop protection and allows defenders to adopt a more aggressive approach to maintain security across all parts of a security environment by continuously simulating full attack cycles including lateral movement, data exfiltration, multi-staged adversary campaign and more. This is done through a robust Threat Management Platform in an automated and consistent way.

Aquila I's BIMI

BIMI stands for Brand Indicators for Message Identification. Developed by the Authindicators Working Group, it is an email standard that lets you add a brand logo to authenticated messages sent from your domain. With this simple, visual verification, recipients can recognize and trust the messages you send.

Aquila I's DMARC

Secure your emails, and protect your brand with Aquila I DMARC. No more worries about phishing and spoofing attacks, simple deployment, complete protection, and detailed visibility across all email channels for your domain. Features : Gain full visibility and governance across all email channels Authenticate email messages and improve deliverability Block outbound attacks and protect their brands against abuse Publish a policy that instruct ISP’s to deliver or restrict emails Detect misconfigurations of SPF and DKIM

CyberSecurity Awareness

With Aquila I Cybersecurity Awareness program, stay compliant, reduce your vulnerability rate and inspire your employees to adopt security practices to keep your organization safe. Our Cybersecurity Awareness Training Program not only provides you with a comprehensive New Age approach that assesses and engages with vulnerable audience in an interactive web-based training module; but also helps you to build a more resilient and secure organization through proper identification and correction methodology.

Cyber Attack Simulation

If there’s one certainty in the IT industry, it’s that security solutions and strategies will constantly be in flux. Assessing and training your users as your first line of defense is one of the best ways to protect yourself from attacks. Rich in features we offer plenty of Security Threat templates with complete customization options our Cyberattack Simulation solution delivers complete single platform access to test your employee vigilance across your enterprise.