Spire Secret Briefing

Protect-right while shifting-left.


Mr. Puneet Tutliani

CEO & Founder, AppSentinels

Protect-right while shifting-left.

Why full life-cycle API security is the need of the hour?

Full life cycle API management solutions enable users to create, execute and maintain an effective API strategy, but selecting the right products is difficult.

Gartner now recognizes API Security tooling as well as API discovery & protection as separate category. This gives a whole new perspective to approaching API beyond WAF/ API Gateway.

Gartner defines the full life cycle application programming interface (API) management market as the market for software that supports all stages of an API’s life cycle — planning and design, implementation and testing, deployment and operation, and versioning and retirement.

Key Takeaways:

  • The 3 keys to a successful API strategy
  • Benefits of a design-first approach to API development
  • How to improve quality and consistency within the API lifecycle
  • Embed robust security measures in every stage of the lifecycle

Runtime Protection for your APIs is necessary. APIs play a crucial role in enabling digitization. They provide the foundation for modernization and help organizations build successful business ecosystems.

Cybersecurity leaders must develop a systematic approach to manage and govern the use of APIs across their organization by using a full life cycle API management offering.