GISEC 2023: Interpol wants to police metaverse crimes

The metaverse will generate new forms of crime – called meta crimes, says Interpol’s Dr. Madan Oberoi

nterpol has recently unveiled the inaugural Global Police Metaverse at the GISEC Global main stage.

According to the organisation, this virtual platform is specifically tailored for use by the worldwide law enforcement community.

Launched by Dr. Madan Oberoi, Executive Director for Technology and Innovation at Interpol in Singapore, the Global Police Metaverse platform is accessible solely via secure servers. It permits police officers to immerse themselves in a simulated metaverse, providing them with a preview of potential crimes and effective policing strategies.

“Like all other ever-evolving technologies, the metaverse represents unique opportunities and challenges for law enforcement,” said Dr. Oberoi.

“We, therefore, need to understand what harm can occur in or through the metaverse. These include offences that mirror existing criminal threats like crimes against children, harassment, cybercrime, and fraud. At the same time, the metaverse will generate new forms of crime – called meta crimes – such as Darkverse or 3D virtual property crimes or harm to and misuse of avatars.”

Taking place from 14-16 March 2023, GISEC Global is hosting over 500 exhibitors hailing from 53 countries. This event boasts more than 200 hours of immersive content, features over 300 top-notch InfoSec speakers, and draws on the expertise of over 1,000 of the world’s leading ethical hackers.

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